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The end of the Hoodwinker's life as they know it...

Harvey Vechery’s Ponzi Partner -Ramone Desage:

is known as a

serial pedophile

and he built

a so-called hospitality business the

press labeled -

the biggest

ponzi scheme

in Las Vegas History”


Longtime Las Vegas businessman Ramon DeSage pleaded guilty to a federal tax conspiracy charge Friday after prosecutors slashed nearly all of a 52-count indictment related to a scheme to defraud investors out of millions of dollars.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Cristina Silva said prosecutors want DeSage to serve three years behind bars for one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States.

DeSage, now 68, also known as Ramon Abi-Rached, previously faced 52 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. Prosecutors have said he defrauded his investors out of roughly $190 million and the IRS out of $31 million.

When pressed further, DeSage said he operated in health care, skin care and beauty products.

The scheme revolved around DeSage’s Las Vegas company, Cadeau Express, and other companies between 2005 and 2012, according to the original indictment in the case.

DeSage pocketed the money to repay earlier investors, maintain his wealthy lifestyle and cover millions of dollars in gambling losses at casinos along the Strip, some of which he supplied with high-end customer goods, the indictment alleged.

Millions of dollars were laundered through several casinos, including Wynn Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, The Venetian, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Hotel and Green Valley Ranch Resort...

Kurt Benjamin is a serial criminal with no meaningful success who said MAXD was great when it went up and as soon as it went down, he said it was a scam.

Kurt went into the chat boards and made a written promise to people investing that he would cover their loss if it went down. This is one of the worst examples of stock manipulation, and it was endorsed by Harvey until they got into a huge problem with each other over who is responsible for their ridiculous stock manipulation promise that Kurt made online. Benjamin will be exposed a lot worse because he and Harvey have a long history of working together to harm companies with Key Brands as a front for all sorts of chicanery.

Key Brands International Ltd. Case Settles

In April 2019, a case was settled with Key Brands International Ltd. (Irwindale, California) for selling Hair Finishing Spray (aerosol) products into California that contained concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that exceeded the standard specified in the Consumer Product Regulation, title 17, California Code of Regulations section 94509(a). Key Brands International Ltd. for 0.23 tons of excess VOC emissions. To come into compliance, Key Brands International Ltd. corrected their error in their manufacturing process. 

ring leader harv harvey thomas vechery 13D 3 year Delinquent filer orchestrator of Chat Board bashers Defamation plan proud of his Pauper roots lost most of his ex wife s 9 figure inheritance Routinely lies to lawyers and uses big retainers to have them break the rules brags about his 3000 shoes brags about how much he lost in the worst deals including one of the all time biggest Vegas ponzi schemes is not self made routinely sexually harasses anyone says he has seen NBA legend Shaq s tiny penis admits he likes hurting people conspired for years with HArold Blaisure to commandeer and offer for sale MAXD technology helped Blaisure destroy 55 million Google settlement offer
coming soon WHat is she Stupid aka mike turner aka globex aka J Galt don t miss recordings of Mike with divine where mike repeats himself over over trying to become famous with the what is she stupid line said 19 times in only one recording
aliases for all occassions aka alfred aka hildibrand aka bill nichols real identity still in question penny stock basher works for vechery uses 100 bogus smear campaigns referred Devine Mafa to MAXD to wreek havoc on MAXD claims to be a shareholder but admits to never owning a maxd share impersonates lawyers other licensed professionals Claims to be a lawyer but not a practicing one claims to be a big consultant to lawyers but his videos prove he has no idea about any laws

here "Alfred" pretends to be an attorney named "Edgardo bie" and sends this threatening voice mail to maxd auditor.

loves a con john harold John Blaisure aka John Blaisure she sued Harold for giving her her kids herpes in his hot tub Lied on his MAXD D O questionnaire to the S E C about his securities Fraud used a fake name provided fake resume tax fraud issues his 8 years as maxd ceo he received over 1 5 million and never closed any deal stole maxd technology tried to sell it himself works part time for Vechery to help with the maxd takeover is always broke and freeloading