It is the guaranteed demise of these criminals

This will prove beyond any doubt to be the end of the Hoodwinker's life as they know it

I am Greg Halpern, the CEO & super majority shareholder of Max Sound Corporation – MAXD: OTCPK.

If you are one of the majority of loyal shareholders, who have shown me nothing but love in spite of the endless barrage by a handful of despicable people exposed here fully, then you are about to get some great news learning all about these people, their crimes, and how I am taking them down once and for all.

Everything I have exposed here is true and everything these bad actors have said is based on their premeditated distortions, lies, scams, crimes & frauds upon our investment and shareholdings in MAXD.

A wealthy shareholder of MAXD is Harvey Vechery of Bel Air, California. Vechery is at the head of a group of very bad actors, that for the past year have done everything they can, using online bashers, to devalue MAXD, defame me and try in vain to force me out.

Vechery is a 13D insider filer, but he was years delinquent, deliberately not meeting his mandatory filing requirements which is illegal. Vechery ignored my constant efforts to get him to file his insider status for several years while he interfered massively with my management, and behaved as if he were running the company. Only recently did I find out quite clearly that he has been trying to destroy MAXD's value to hurt my reputation, force me out and put one of his cronies in charge to try to run things. He has been unsuccessful so far because I am a super majority shareholder.

A lot is coming out about him now, but it is clear that Vechery has habitually ruined many investments he has gotten involved with, gleefully turning them into scraps. With the amount of damning information that I have recently accumulated, it is clear now why a class action against him and his accomplices should not only be inevitable, but will be of great economic benefit to the shareholders for millions of dollars which he still has from his wife's inheritance.

Harold Blaisure, aka John Blaisure, was our former CEO. I had previously terminated him for cause in 2018 when I discovered he lied on his Directors & Officer's Questionnaire not using his correct first name and not disclosing his previous securities fraud problems, perjury convictions and more.

Blaisure and Vechery have conspired behind the scenes to sell the MAXD technology and other assets which they have illegally commandeered. They tried to accomplish this by going through someone that they did not know was a friend of mine as fate would have it. I have documented this crime they have committed and soon everyone will find out when and where these things occurred as I already have their physical proof against them in this matter.

There is nothing at all Vechery and Blaisure can do to stop this from coming out. All of the proof I have is their unwittingly provided evidence against themselves. It is well documented, recorded and written that these criminals themselves have created to my benefit and the benefit of all shareholders.

Vechery, Blaisure and all of the other bad HoodWinkers exposed here are unaware that they have sent the evidence to me over and over through my trojan horse phone and phone number at at&t.

I currently have gigabytes of this information compiled and well-organized that is totally incriminating against them and proving their premeditated fraud is willful beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Another bad actor involved, is aka alfred hildebrand, aka bill nichols, aka william nichols, aka gadardo bie among many of his aliases. He is a video stock reviewer who is putting out Vechery's lies to try to harm me and the Company on a daily basis for almost a year now. He shamelessly lies in virtually everything he says and one of the big things we caught him in among many, was he claims he was going to sue me or the company but any suit would be fraudulent because in a video in 2021 he stated that 60% of his portfolio was MAXD and that he would never sell it because of our HD audio technology, which according to him is the next Dolby. Then in 2022, he accused me of lying that he pumped and dumped our stock, which I never did but in the same breath he says because he has never bought or sold a single share of MAXD stock. aka Alfred et al has committed many felonies including impersonating an attorney and claiming to have his own law firm. He has no law license and never has. He claims to have graduated law school but there is no record of it and he seems incoherent when trying to discuss any law. He apparently didn't even know he needed a Safe Harbor Statement on his totally fraudulent and completely phony investment videos which contain numerous lies and falsehoods and will be exposed fully here.

Other bad actors include Scott Kapp - Vechery's Assistant or Girl Friday if you will. Here you will find Scott lying for Harvey on a full-time basis and when he makes a mistake Harvey calls him out for not telling the lie correctly. These are recorded conversations... not my imagination. Scott admits to me in other recorded conversations that he told Harvey he would quit if Harvey kept lying and tried to orchestrate my takedown with phony accusations that forced Scott to work all weekend and help perpetuate the same conspiracy over and over, but that didn't stop Harvey because he thinks he can get away with breaking any law as long as he pays enough money to lawyers and settles matters when absolutely necessary.

Again, everything I speak about here, I have hard documentation that these criminals have provided courtesy of my cause to protect all legitimate MAXD Shareholder's and to take the bad actors down. All of this emphatic evidence, proves to the letter of the law that everything I am saying is true and everything they are saying is a lie. In 43 years of entrepreneurship, in the microcap space of the capital markets, I have never had such imbeciles make it so easy to prove how completely fraudulent they actually are.

Scott claims that he doesn't have a burner phone but he has had burner phones and I have the numbers and conversations that have been recorded of him helping helping to orchestrate for Harvey. I have also recorded these conversations and his use of one of the burner phones.

Another huge fraud that Harvey has perpetuated through his online team is that Harold "John" Blaisure will be the new interim CEO. Harvey knows that Blaisure cannot be a CEO of a any public company because he knows that I removed him for cause when I found out that he falsified his name, his résumé, his background and lied on his Director and Officers questionnaire submitted to the SEC when he purposely omitted that he had been sued for various securities fraud's stealing with his partner in that venture more than $1 million dollars from investors.

Then, there is alias Divine Mafa who has been arrested and charged previously with sexual assault and many people are going after him all over the world for fake investments where he takes their money and uses it to pay old bills but is not an investment advisor and in fact has committed a felony by alleging that he is a licensed investment advisor or expert of any kind. He also claims he is a doctor but he is not a doctor of anything either.

Then there is alias J Galt who is in fact Mike Turner of Globex Transfer Agent. I have many recordings of Turner claiming I committed fraud but giving no details whatsoever because he knows it is a lie. Yet, Turner is all over the chat boards continually saying it and inciting others and the owner of his firm is Glendale Securities MAXD's original Market Maker. Turner has had Securities problems before and almost was banned from the business. I guess some people never learn anything. I have over an hour of his recorded frauds trying always to help Jerry O’leary out of a fraud that Turner put him in investing in VSL.

Then there is Bill Torrey - alias BTX of Princeton Security. He is simply a lover of Harold Blaisure and continues for the last eight or nine months to wrongly insist that Blaisure will be put back as the CEO. He likes to defame me and call me names and that is his primary purpose in life. It is not known whether he or any of these people have a single share of MAXD. Blaisure claims to be a shareholder but he never invested in the company of any significance while receiving more than $1,500,000 dollars including more than a quarter million out of my own pocket.

Another bombshell against Blaisure is he wrongly signed a letter exonerating an attorney friend of his from committing malpractice against MAXD which would never be done by a legitimate officer of any public company. I will disclose that letter so that everyone can see it is one of the many obscene, negligent and totally malfeasant actions by Blaisure when he was looting the company and mismanaging his role to the detriment of shareholders. Wait until you hear the review I did when I terminated him. There I talk about how he continues his income tax evasion problems by happily taking money from me of more than $150,000 that I paid him out of my pocket because Vechery was worried supposedly that if we fired him he would say bad things about Vechery. It turns out the two of them were stealing MAXD technology and assets which they both still have and refuse to return. I will provide hard proof of these crimes against MAXD.

Vechery, Kapp, & Blaisure have all been repeatedly caught by me in these crimes and have denied them each time on text, recordings, voicemails and recorded conversations which they were always aware of.

Here, I have begun releasing this information to the unsuspecting shareholders of our public company MAXD. Based on my initial queries, I estimate that close to at least 200 people will be willing to join a class action against these bad actors in particular against Vechery who has at least 10 million in cash and 50 million in assets, all the remains, after numerous losses from his extravagant squandering of the nine figure estate that he is the co-trustee of along with his ex-wife Linda.

I cannot state whether they ever got remarried together but after her stroke, I believe they recorded their divorce in 2009 or 2011. Vechery is also being sued by several women, former employees, for sexual harassment, of which I have been deposed in and was a witness to on many occasions. Vechery made up lies stating that I had a problem in the deposition and got caught in a lie which is gross fraud and never happened. I beat the tar out of him in the deposition and proved he is a sexual harasser of epic proportions. The deposition transcript proves only that I am correct and then he is yet again a serial liar. According to his sidekick Scott Kapp, Vechery had many complaints from all those who knew him after they saw that he was sued by his former women employees for sexual harassment but that according to Scott, Harvey has not learned anything from it and continues being Harvey harassing anybody at will because he enjoys it and thinks it's funny.

Harvey Vechery is a lowlife degenerate, who never made a penny on his own. In reality, he has lost most of his wife's estate money and he brags about how he grew up with nothing and that his father was a $30,000 a year FBI agent who once took a picture with J Edgar Hoover. Vechery likes to talk about how Hoover was gay and then Shaquille O'Neal has a small penis. He claims he is good friends with O'Neill but I have seen no proof to that fact. Anybody is a target for his accusations that they are gay or wants to have sex with somebody that Harvey knows including Harvey.

Vechery has spent his life being confident in breaking laws and taking the position that it is no problem, and he can always get away with it by simply paying enough money to lawyers and to quietly settle any matter that come up unless he's able to exhaust them with legal matters first by endlessly hiring one lawyer after another.

One such matter that he denies but appears to have settled for big money, was an accident he had while intoxicated that seem to have resulted in the accidental death of another driver.

I have personally had conversations with Vechery where he states as a matter of fact, he can get away with his securities violations simply by his lawyer negotiating a settlement of $50,000. Of course, his current securities lawyer denies ever saying such a thing. In the Formula 4 matter, Vechery has knowingly and falsely tried to shake that company down, claiming he had an ownership stake that he had previously sold to me more than a half a year earlier.

Vechery is a shameless liar and bully and I intend to continue to expose him until he is forced to address all these matters and many more that I have recently uncovered after two decades of dealing with him. I think it's noteworthy that for the most part he's estranged from his children and they have taken some action against Harvey Vechery for mismanaging their estate trust funds. He has certainly lost from my own estimate close to nine figures possibly close to half the estate based on the original money inherited by his wife or ex-wife as the case may be. He brags about losing over $30 million in Las Vegas Ponzi scheme ran by the losing his gambler in Casino history. He claims the cosmetic company that his wife began in the early 1980s Key Brands was once nearly $100, million in sales but this year according to him it will be lucky if it is over $1 million in sales and breaks even. He brags about his $3000 shoes and everything else he spent money on but none of it includes him running a successful business or creating profits in hardly anything. The common theme is his arrogance and interference with small business owners through his investments. I asked him why he treated people so badly last year and he said "because I like it".

It would be reasonable to ask me why tackle these issues now, and the answer is very simple. In the last year, I began to be attacked in public forums such as chat boards from every angle of easy to prove lies, and in conjunction with that, and among the more than 16,000 phone calls he made to me according to AT&T over the last five years, Vechery would call me every weekday all day long starting at four or 5 AM in the morning and say "did you see what they're saying about you on the chat boards?"

After telling Vechery over and over how much of my time this was wasting, other shareholders, and potential business relationships began asking me what this was all about. The more I looked into it, the clearer it became, that the distorted and largely rumored lies and information being disclosed was only known to me and Vechery or were fake accusations he was stating only to me. The only way these these lies and distortionscould get out there, was if Vechery himself was the one putting them out there. More recently he began saying that certain posters are claiming I'm certain people on the chat boards and they would go into these accusations with anybody that said anything positive about the company. These are clearly paid bashers method of operation. It is absolutely a guarantee that I have never been on a chessboard and I've never posted any chats as an alias or anonymously. These things are very easy to check legally with IP addresses and I have legally   initiated these checks before in taking down billions of dollars in hedge funds who were using these phony tactics, and this was the subject of a cover story I had on Forbes.

I confronted Vechery several times, but he always denied any involvement in all of these matterswhatsoever. So, I began to collect Vechery's verbal recorded voicemails and text messages he and his sidekick Scott Kapp were constantly sending to me and pretty soon it was quite clear that he was the responsible party for disseminating all of these defamatory lies and orchestration campaigns to harm MAXD, me and our shareholders. Vechery's evidence, that he unwittingly provided to me, is undeniable, absolute, well-documented proof of his complete guilt.

In my personal bankruptcy, Vechery was unsuccessful in getting me to give my preferred MAXD shareholdings to a friend of his who is another criminal Bill Woodward. I have a lot of proof on this and will disclose this and all of his other sickening relationships in the pathetic things that he's engaged in.

Vechery is now sneaking around in the background of the public forums trying to shame me into quitting. Anyone who knows me, understands that after 43 years, as a serious fighter who has battled bullies and injustice successfully most of my 64 years of age, they know beyond any doubt, that I will never quit a good fight against bad people.

Over the next few weeks, I intend to release an inventory of incriminating and damning evidence against Vechery and his band of pathetic bad actors which is just the beginning in what I am confident will be the greatest takedown I will have done in my entire career against any bad people. The very best part about this, as I have learned recently, is that every response they give further damns and incriminates them to their own defeat and rapid demise so in that regard I am eternally grateful for their endless stupidity and extreme helpfulness in the job at hand. So that it can be ultimately a wonderful example, I will be able to point others to these situations for future prevention of these kinds of scams and crimes.

There is such a massive amount of material and it's going to take a few weeks to put it all in perspective and digitize it for this website disclosure, but what we have here is the first few pieces of many of hard evidence in the form of screen captures, text messages, audio and video recordings coming and going. To the left, here is Blaisure as of yesterday still posing years later on LinkedIn as the CEO of MAXD which he hasn't been since since I terminated him for Cozz in 2018 - this is complete fraud.

Then you see a.k.a. Alfred a.k.a. as many names in the toilet where he belongs committing a felony posing as an attorney. This is available in text messages and voicemail that he sent MAXD's auditor saying that the annual report looks like it wasn't signed and blatantly lying that he's an attorney representing a law firm suing the company and the auditor.

Then you see 4 screenshots from Harold Blaisure clearly demonstrating he is answering to Harvey Vechery the orchestrator of the entire premeditated fraud and conspiracy. This and many other things I will disclose proves beyond any doubt that Harvey Vechery is a racketeer committing RICO. I don't say this lightly... if you know me, then you know I worked with G Robert Blakey, the author of the RICO Statute on creating a RICO draft in the Attia matter.

I predict that our matter will be a civil and criminal matter against Vechery and his accomplices. I can assure all of the shareholders that if we go forward as a class action against Vechery, we will attempt to take whatever 10 or $12 million cash he has left. I don't care about a penny of it for myself truly, but all of the rest of MAXD's shareholders are entitled to all of it and you will want all of it when you see the rest of this material because Vechery is undeniably a fraud of epic proportions and I will prove it for the rest of his life until he has nothing left.

These people are true criminals and they will deserve what they lose. Soon, I will have a sign up because I have had inquiries and I estimate close to 200 legitimate shareholders of MAXD will have an easy to win action.

I want to remind you that I have broken no rules and for 43 years I've never had a regulatory problem or been legitimately sued by anybody but I have collected seven figures against bad actors over the course of my career and this will be the easiest in my opinion because these criminals have given us an endless inventory of damnation against themselves… I really look forward to the fun that this is going to be.

HERE "alfred" admits in a basher

post on yahoo finance that he

never owned any maxd shares

Glowing Neon Arrow

here "Alfred" pretends to be an attorney named "Edgardo bie" and sends this threatening voice mail to maxd auditor.

Alfred babbling 100% more bs and lies

all these hoodWinkers have one thing in common... That is: beyond any doubt, and based on their own unwittingly provided perfect evidence…their lies are premeditated and 100% false

divine mafa


This is going to be a lot of fun. The best part about it is how badly they talk about each ​other behind their backs. But if Alfred isn't the loser of the week, then he is the busted ​gift that keeps on giving. I hadn't heard from him since January, then the other day...

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